Our Commitment

We are committed to being very flexible in order to assist our customers in developing their respective markets. We do this by providing a wide range of value-added services and support.

  • A strict and fair code of ethics
  • Customer satisfaction through proximity, flexibility and performance
  • Competitive prices and broad logistic expertise
  • A project team dedicated to each and every customer
  • A long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers


Custom Battery Design & Production Services

  • Offering customized battery solution according to optimal size, capacity, voltage, function, operating temperature range etc.
  • Producing kinds of battery with PCM, PVC Shrink, Plastic case ,Connector etc.
  • Customized Battery Pack: Cell Selection, Protection circuit module, Struction design, Safety testing, Prototype run, Development & technical support.
  • Li-ion battery protection circuit module: Over charge and discharge protection, Over current protection, Short circuit protection, Balancing feature, Thermal protection, Standard I2C,SMBUS,HDQ port can read and modify battery power information

Hypercell Design Expertise

We have a world class design team comprised of electrical and mechanical engineers. With over 10 years of experience our engineers can provide design solutions for your product.Hypercell Battery Co. will provide an industry leading team of professionals to ensure exceptional design and manufacturing of your battery packed chargers. Superior Design, Superior Quality and superior ServiceThe Hypercell Difference:

  • 10 years exceptional design experience with custom battery packs and charging systems
  • 10 years project management
  • 10 years software and hardware expertise
  • 10 years in proficiency and quick design cycles
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